Cabo Rojo Natural Reserve
Sunset Snorkeling
Rio Camuy Cave Park
Horseback Riding
Old San Juan City Tour

From 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM

A trip to Puerto Rico is not complete without descending into the depths of a million year old cave! Few cave systems in the world are as massive or dramatic as the Rio Camuy Cave Park.
This tour takes you to Northwestern Puerto Rico, part of the third largest underground river cavern system in the world. You'll enjoy a safe, guided tour of the underground marvels. From sinkholes and huge cathedral-like caverns to views of the mysterious river and its eons-old stalactites and stalagmites. Be sure to wear comfortable, non-slippery shoes!

The thundering tropical Camuy River Gradually carved the caverns over one million years ago To create one of nature’s greatest examples of beauty. The immense network of caves, canyons, and sinkholes Will amaze all who see them. Approximately nine miles of this massive cave system has been chartered and the guest will be able to explore a large portion in a guided tour through safe trails and stairs.

Surrounded by stalactites, stalagmites, and lush tropical vegetation, visitors will be able to see the spectacular 170 feet high Clara Cave, and the 650-feet wide Tres Pueblos sinkhole.



From 2:30 pm to 9:00 pm

This Adventure will take you to the picturesque village of La Parguera, after a short sightseeing tour of the west coast of Puerto Rico. Come aboard a dive boat to do a snorkeling safari in the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea.  Abundant sea life,  brilliant corals walls, turtles, angel, parrot fish and colorful reefs may be seen. After a majestic  sunset, like no other in the world, the guest will enjoy delicious snacks and local beers or sodas.
The last stop will be the amazing bioluminescent bay. A trip on a balmy night is a magical experience. The guest will be allowed to swim in these warm and sparkling waters of the biobay.

You’ll remember this experience for years to come!

The last stop on this tour will be the amazing bioluminescent lagoonoften referred to as the world’s eight wonder. The mysterious blue-green light is created by micro-organisms which thrive in an environment uniquely suited to their needs. A trip into the bay on a balmy night is a magical experience. Fish flash by in the water, and a swim is like floating through stardust. La Parguera Bay glow comes from dinoflagellates, microscopic underwater organisms that  release energy in the form of light, much the way fireflies do. The guest will be allowed to swim in these sparkling waters. It will be an experience you will remember for years to come!

Hotel pick up—2:00 pm from Porta del So

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This tour will take you to the southwestern coast of Porta Del Sol, to the beautiful town of Cabo Rojo. With over 12 miles of western coastline it has the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches on the island of Puerto Rico. You will  explore a secluded paradise filled with white sand beaches and  turquoise waters.

The Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge

is the home of over 120 species of birds, including the endemic Yellow-Shouldered Blackbird. This site is also a mayor winter ground for migratory ducks, herons, seabirds, and songbirds.      

At “Los Morrillos” we will visit the historic Cabo Rojo Lighthouse, built by the Spaniards over a century ago. At the Corozo’s Salt Flats, where humans have been collecting salt since 700AD, the guest will see the pools of evaporating brine and mounds of salt waiting to be shipped to the market.

After this sightseeing  experience the guest will be able to enjoy a wonderful beach in Cabo Rojo….   take in the sun and swim in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, while enjoying one of the most beautiful sceneries on the island.

Will make a short stop at the “Boqueron Village” for souvenirs shopping.

This tour is a nature lovers dream!

8:00 AM HOTEL Pick Up
(Transportation, Tour Guide, Beach Chairs, Snacks and Water included.)

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From 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
Historic Old San Juan is a charming town whose colonial essence remains     intact. From the magnificent 18th century Spanish architecture to the    cobblestone streets,  a visit to this ancient city is like a journey back in time. Legendary Old San Juan is a showcase of our rich and diverse heritage. The entire city is a National Historic Preservation site that is a must-see on any visit to Puerto Rico. The second oldest city in the “New World”, dating back to 1513. You’ll see excellent examples of Spanish colonial architecture, walk along the old cobblestone streets and visit the museums, churches and forts that make Old San Juan one of Puerto Rico’s must-see destinations.
After your visit to picturesque old city,  you'll enjoy a fascinating guided tour of Bacardi, the world's largest rum distillery. You’ll have the chance to sample the goods or buy some bottles to take with you

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From 8:00am to  11:00am

Enjoy a nice ride along the beach and appreciate the beauty of the blue water, white sands and  tropical green  vegetation of  the Puerto Rican Paradise...

We’ll give beginner and intermediate horseback riders the same chance to enjoy this spectacular trail ride as those more advanced horseback riders. With a brief orientation to the horses and riding, and with our trained tour guides, this experience is sure to give even the most timid rider a new found confidence


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